May 16, 2013


Simple Shorts

Simple Shorts

I always have a minor panic attack when the first unseasonably warm day hits. I’ve been bundling and layering and waterproofing for so long that, without fail, I completely forget how to dress for the temperature.

I got pretty excited about the prospect of branching out and wearing shorts, but I couldn’t completely break away from some form of layering. To keep things simple, I matched my jacket to my sweater and my shoes to my shorts and ran out the door.

May 9, 2013


May Flowers May Flowers Detail

May Flowers

A rugged chambray shirt helps balance out the femininity of a floral print and adds some visual interest (and warmth when it’s still cool out). The small, wallpaper-like print works really well too for mixing with other patterns and textures – like the woven design in the pants – especially when they share a common color.

May 3, 2013


Leopard Love Leopard Love Detail

Leopard Love

For a quick and easy work look, I juxtaposed a fancy, feminine leopard top with boyfriend jeans and a rugged moto-style denim jacket.

  • Jacket with Zips Zara
  • Leopard Print Blouse J.Crew Factory
  • Matchstick Jeans J.Crew Factory
  • Valentina Printed Patent Pumps J.Crew

April 8, 2013


Fruit Stripe Fruit Stripe Detail

Fruit Stripe

Having a coordinated color palette built into my wardrobe makes the getting-ready process a lot easier (a major advantage of buying all my clothes in one place).

I built this entire look around the colors in my shirt – burgundy, bright orange and deep green – pulled out any clothes in my closet that matched, and threw them all on. It made the process so easy that I’m tempted to go out and buy all the multi-color striped shirts I can get my hands on.